Easter break turned into a Campout

What a fun couple of weeks we have had!

In Mexico, we celebrate Holy week as well as Easter meaning most everyone has 2 weeks off of school and even some have work off throughout the country. For us at Marked, it means our weeks are busier. Filled with more kids, more hours, but also more fun.

Our rockstar team decided it would be fun to not only do their regular routine, minus a few, but also host a few “camp-outs” at their house throughout the weeks.

The first weekend of break, our directors hosted the sweet and spunky girls from our girls home. Where they spent the weekend hanging out, eating and running around their house. It was a packed house surrounded by some of the girls we love most. We celebrated one of the girls baby showers, all the while their director and team began getting their new ‘temporary’ house set up and moved in for when they returned.


Meanwhile, over at our village coordinators house was a house full of teen girls from our villages. They too spent most of their weekend seated around the table, sharing stories and having meals together. Such a contrast to this week.

After drop off, pick up happened and we swapped girls for boys! Our soccer team + plus a few, camped out in our directors lawn. Played games, visited the local town and simply had ‘bro time’. Half the week the boys spent with Karlisa at their house, while the other half of the time was spent helping Carlos build a wall at Origen church in the city where our offices are. Did I mention we also had some kids detoxing during this time?


Our directors and coordinators are our heroes, and the best part of it all was they said “honestly our hears are so full.”

These kids are gifts to us, and we are thankful for every moment we have together. Weeks like these are marking weeks, significant in not only their lives but ours, and we don’t take a moment of this for granted. Thank you to everyone of you who say yes to partnering with us, and making weeks like these possible. You are championing something great.