What began as a vehicle to empower the fundamental needs and education of children, has grown into a movement filled with people and support from all around the world to see the dream of orphanages emptied by empowering lives fulfilled. 

Marked was born as a dream developed in the heart of a young girl nearly 20 years ago. With a rich heritage of family that is full of love for the children and people of Latin America, Jaclyn (founder) took her first trip to serve the orphan community at the young age of 10 years old. Captured by love, this fire-filled girl began to share with anyone who would listen that she indeed would change the world by empowering lives in the orphan community. In her high school years, Jaclyn was given countless opportunities to share her vision in schools, faith based communities and was even featured and recognized on a local radio program for her efforts and achievements. In teenage years she was joined on many short term trips to Mexico by Micheal who would later become her husband. As they began to date as teenagers, she made it very clear that nothing was going to stop her from seeing her vision and dream fulfilled so at the end of her senior year she packed  her bags and moved to Mexico to serve.


A few short years later Jaclyn and Micheal were married and while they took semi-annual trips together Micheal was building a successful career in the banking industry and Jaclyn continued to work part-time and travel between Mexico and their home in Seattle. As a VP at one of the world's largest financial institutions, Micheal spent nearly a decade building a career that would support their philanthropic and humanitarian efforts in Latin America for the years to come. As they continually saw countless lives transformed through their efforts it became clear that it was time to build an organization that could support all that was happening in Latin America.

In late 2011 Marked was born. What began as a vehicle to empower the fundamental needs and education of children, has grown into a movement filled with people and support from all around the world to see the dream of orphanages emptied by empowering lives fulfilled. 



We began by reaching a humble 80 children in the support network and one partnership orphanage and have since grown to impact thousands served, dozens of villages, orphanages, community centers and much more. Marked is more than just an orphan care organization but a movement of individuals compelled by love and fueled by passion to see cycles broken and lives transformed.  

In late 2013 as Marked grew,  Micheal and Jaclyn decided to leave their lives in the Pacific Northwest to relocate to Guadalajara, Mexico. So after selling their homes, cars, and giving the majority of their possessions away, they consolidated their lives into 6 orange rubber bins and on January 3rd, 2014 they relocated to reside full-time in Mexico. Today their story continues to be written as The Millers have and will continue to fight for the dream that is still very much alive in their hearts. They have experienced every challenge imaginable, yet they remain committed to seeing every family brought to wholeness, and a world where no one is orphaned. Today Micheal and Jaclyn, along with their team, are still reaching and seeing a growing impact in Latin America all while traveling across the United States speaking and building community.

This is not just the story of a young couple trying to make a difference. This is YOUR story. Each of you who have connected, partnered, and supported is a significant part of our journey and impact making this story a part of your own. Our team isn't limited to our staff but it's each of you who make all this possible. This is your legacy. That together, we will see generational cycles broken, families restored, and a world where the term orphan is only written in the history books. 


*Numbers last updated: January 2016


We dream of empty orphanages across Latin America and beyond by breaking cycles of poverty, drug abuse, trafficking, imprisonment and abandonment by empowering lives with sustainable systems to go further than they could have dreamed. 

Our Mission is to reach those who are often forgotten about, as well as those targeted by organized crime groups. We exist to partner, build, and create sustainable programs and jobs that both provide education as well as daily needs such as food, clothing, and appropriate medical attention. Our desire is to see the generational cycle of drug abuse, imprisonment, and homelessness broken forever for our kids. We aim to change mindsets and create a culture and legacy of adoption in this generation that is passed down to the generations to come.



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Empower |  Sustain  |  Transform  |  Repeat

Our methods are simple: we partner with existing homes (orphanages) and establish preventative centers in villages and at risk communities. We identify the problems and/or lack, meet with our team, define major goals, develop a plan and get to work. Our plan is not to recreate the wheel but to partner with systems that are already in place and need support and direction to succeed. Although we do have our own and intend to build more bases, homes, and rescue centers, we believe that to truly change the world we must carry vision not to just build more structures but rather empty the ones that already exist through a model of empowerment, sustainability and whole families.