There are so many stories that we would love to share, but due to the nature of our work, most we cannot. In those stories, however, there are lives that you have generously given and partnered with to see changed and impacted forever. These are not only their stories, but yours as well: 

To the little girl, who was thrown into a ditch, now rescued and safe in a place she calls home. Whose only future was to be sold, now bold and fierce, learning both Spanish and English, this little girl now only remembers the love that she has felt, and the bond between those who she considers to be her sisters and family. She knows love. 

To the little boy, who was thrown into a dumpster at birth outside of a hospital building, being told he had no hope to live. He is now a teenager who is defying the odds. Full of life, laughter and personality, this one now changed forever. He has been healed. 

To the little girl who for the first seven years knew nothing more than abuse, being sold from one person to the next for their pleasure and pleasure of others, she now knows love, safety and the warmth of someone who was willing to fight for her freedom. She is free. 


To the little boy who spent over six years in the streets of Guadalajara earning rank among the gangs, stealing, drugs, and exploitation is now safe in rehab, and his life is being restored. Once suicidal, now full of hope. Desiring to see others lives changed. He is dreaming again. 

"That their knowledge of what was, doesn't dictate what can and will be."

To the little girl who disobeyed and was burned and beaten, scared for her life, mute for years. She is now the most lively in the group, full of peace and joy. She has been transformed. 

These stories don't end here. Every child, teen and young adult we encounter has a story of their own. Our prayer is that every person that we meet will encounter the love that they were made for. That their knowledge of what was, doesn't dictate what can and will be. That there is always hope at their core. May they know that there will always be someone fighting for them.