Happy Easter weekend! We hope your weekend is filled with family, friends and those you hold dear to your hearts. That memories would be made, and miracles would happen. 

Here is our own miracle story from this week. 

Over the past month we had noticed that week after week one of our boys had not been showing up for meals, for soccer, or for any of the special events. As we continued asking around they kept telling us that he was just sick. So last week, Sam, our Village coordinator decided to stop by his school to see if he was there and find out what was going on. To his surprise, the teacher informed him that ‘M’ had been out all month. 

“All month?!” Sam, decided then he needed to go visit ‘M’ to see what was going on. Because none of us knew where ‘M’ lived, Sam went door to door until finally he reached his house. Upon arrival, Sam was met with devastating news. 

‘M’ was dying. 

The family informed us that ‘M’ had been in the city all month in the hospital, getting test after test ran, with no resolve. This typically strong, full of life, energetic 12 year old, now laid on his family’s bed in the fetal position. Weighing no more than a 6 year old, frail, in excruciating pain, delirious, and no longer recognizing those he loved. His precious body was shutting down. 

Sam gathered the family, and began to share about the resurrection power of Jesus. Together they held hands, and prayed over ‘M’, that he would not die but live. And that he would be healed in Jesus name. 

As Sam got ready to leave he let the family know he would be by every day to bring them food to eat and to pray with them until they saw a miracle.  

The NEXT DAY, Sam arrived at the home with a meal for the family and to everyones surprise the family greeted him and said “come in and see ‘M’”! He was up moving about the house, talking to everyone, and had full color back in his face. Everyone was shocked. His body was coming back to life. 

The following day, before Sam even arrived at their door, he saw ‘M’ outside PLAYING! Playing!! 

‘M’ was completely HEALED. 

Be encouraged this Easter weekend, that God’s not dead but alive and desires to show you His   intense love, His unwavering mercy, and His infinite power. That He is for you. 

If you need a miracle in your own life, or in the life of someone you love, we are praying for you this week. That you would see the goodness of the Lord. 

Happy Easter.