NOAH & MARCIE: Our State Side Staff

Since so many of you are new to us, we thought we should re-introduce you to our staff who make what we do on the ground possible! So over the next few weeks we are going to be highlighting them!

This week we wanted to introduce you to our state side team, Noah and Marcie!

First, meet Noah.

Noah (or prince Noah as our kids so endearingly call him) is a talented graphic designer from southern Michigan. In just a few short weeks, we get to celebrate Noah as he marries his best friend since middle school, Caitlynn! Noah found Marked on Instagram from an ad in early 2018 and has been working as our lead designer ever since. He is in charge of creating the visual content you see; ranging from booklet designs, social media graphics, photography coverage, and video promotional material.

Noah has a massive heart for our communities and we are so thankful he reached out and joined the MARKED family!!

"I love Marked because it's about changing entire communities for the better. Starting with empowering the locals, transforming their lives, and giving them the tools to sustain themselves." - Noah

Next, meet Marcie.

“Hi I'm Marcie! I'm a Wife, a Mom, Disney lover, world traveler and Pug owner!
My son Noah is 21 and My husband James and I have been married for 21 years!
I have been serving with Marked for about a year and a half and have been on Staff for almost a year!
If you have ever needed a credit card updated or order Marked Coffee - you have most likely spoken with me or we've corresponded via email!
I was connected with Marked through a conference about 2 years ago that was being held at my church. I not only felt a kinship with the Miller’s, but I fell in Love with the mission of Marked to empty orphanages by empowering lives to break the cycle of poverty.
This is a statement I would love to see around the world in all nations to break the cycle of poverty and let the word orphan become something future generations only read about in history books. As someone who has traveled to multiple nations, I wanted to see how Marked was achieving this goal on the ground in Guadalajara and 6 months after meeting the Miller’s I was on a plane heading to Mexico. I got to see first-hand what it looks like to empower a child through simple things like proper hygiene, coloring, preparing a meal, playing soccer as a team and eating a warm meal before school. While that may not sound glamorous or exciting - simple, consistent things bring about change throughout a community.
The biggest take away I got from my trip there and one thing that I have seen firsthand from Marked is their desire to "Go Low" with those in the communities they work in. They don't shy away from the dirty work or the hard work. It’s not easy changing mindsets, but someone partnering with them to provide hope can be a life line to kids and families .” - Marcie