Changing the Culture of Education

This past week, our team call focused heavily on the testimonies regarding our newest program launched last month. 

Homework club. 

Stories have been pouring in of the impact the teachers and parents are seeing. Our class sizes have doubled in size each week since the end of January, with 4-one hour classes each week, hosting an average of 40 children per class. 


One 6th grader came to us to let us know that his father had enrolled him in both the morning and evening school to try and give him a boost in his education, but rather than a boost, it has caused so much confusion and set backs as both teachers are teaching different things on the same subject. This, along with many other reasons has caused him to fall to a 2nd grade education level. 

Unfortunately, he is not alone in this. Every student who has walked through our doors are years behind where they should be. But this is changing. 

In addition to students having no value for education, they are lining up an hour early to ensure they have a seat at the table. 

We are seeing the culture shift happening right before our eyes. Keeping kids in school, educating a community and empowering them for a bright future has and will always be a goal of ours. And we are excited for the changes that are coming. 


-If you are in the greater Guadalajara area and would like to volunteer and become a tutor send us a message at 

-If you are local to Jalisco and would like to donate school supplies, books, and other resources to stock a classroom, please send us a message at 

-If you have a heart for education, but can’t be there in person, sign up today to be a key partner to help with the programs.

Together we are making a difference.