2019. 2019. 2019. 2019. 2019.

Can you believe 2019 is here!


There is something magical about the start of a new year.

For us it a clean slate to dream, to explore and to discover.

Its a new year to grow, reflect and change.

Its a time where we plant deep, for the new seasons that are ahead.

Its a time for hope to arise, and to remind our soul of the promises that await.

Each year we set time aside to reflect on the past year, and dream for the year that is head of us.

We take time to slow down, and ask questions.

To reflect.

And to strategize.

What are some of the ways you start each year? Do you have a word for each year that you hold onto? Do you look back at your journals to see all that has taken place over the past year? Or do you jump straight into the new year? Do you like to reflect back with others? Or is it something you do personally? Or maybe not at all? Do you set goals for each year? Or write down things you would like to see happen?

We would love to hear how you look back on each year, and how you strategize for the year that lies ahead.

However you do it, we wish you a happy new year! May this year be MARKED with provision, favor and dreams fulfilled. May it be filled with meals around the table and laughter in your homes. May 2019 be a year you will never forget.