There Is A Difference

Sisters. Two girls who have just been reunited for the first time in 10 years. A mother who passed away early in life and a father who sexually abused them for more years than we would like to count.

The difference. One of the girls is secure, driven, poised, she feels safe to speak her fears and loves sharing her life and with those that will listen. Both the ups and the downs. She is championing others as she continues to dream for her future. 

The other, is mischievous, manipulative, ready to run, expecting disappointment, confused by love, fearful of both good and bad. To watch these two worlds collide has been beautiful and heartbreaking all in the same. The difference? One, was rejected by her family when she turned her father over to the police, thus she grew up in one of our partner homes, where she learned the hard journey to forgive and to thrive. She was educated and grew up with a healthy family. Not her blood-family, but in a family that was forged by love and who fought for her life.

The other, was "wanted" by her bio-family, but never knew love, never understood forgiveness, and was never accepted in any other way than that of abuse and neglect. This past month, these two sisters found each other! It was a beautiful reunion of raw emotions, hope is beginning to form in both of their hearts for the redemption of their family line. Both girls will now have been given the opportunity to grow up in the same partner home, where their individual stories and their story together can be made whole. 

We are just on the first page of this book, but it will be one written in love and redemption. A story from heartache to hope, forgiveness, and love. We can't wait to share this journey with you.