A Seat At The Table


These 4 words are our strategy for every community we enter. And these 4 "simple" words have given us a seat at the table. 18 months ago, we sat down with our team and explained to them the concept that if we plant and water through empowerment we gain trust, once you have access to their hearts through trust you can build and gain equity which for us looks like sustainability, and as you grown in equity you see transformation take place. From transformation, favor comes and its then we get to reap the harvest and often get a seat at the table.

Empower: Plant/Water = Trust | Sustain: Build + Nurture on Trust= Equity | Transform: Grow on equity= Seat at the Table + Harvest on favor | Repeat

This past week we were invited to not only be recognized by the human rights branch of the government and by the local government for what Marked does among the village communities, but we were asked to join the conversation.  


Our team was invited out to a private island, where government officials from different branches sat down and had an in-depth conversation and strategy meeting with the incoming government officials. Our team did an incredible job sharing and addressing the concerns of the government in regards to health, education, drug addiction, violence and more. We discussed family culture, and Marked's culture. We shared with them our strategies, what we have seen work and what has not worked.  We shared, not just statistics, but stories and names. 


We were asked to consult with leaders of the indigenous people groups who serve in the Guadalajara human rights area of government, to help them see the importance of empowering their own people group, and giving them strategies to see their communities become self-sustaining and succeed. 


We believe this partnership is just the beginning, and that this partnership is just one of the many ways we will see these communities transformed, for the communities to thrive and grow and for us to eventually turn it over to the locals. To the their people. To their families. And to the kids we have raised up. 

We believe this is empowerment. This is sustainability. This is transformation.