Our Miracle Building

Exciting news coming your way! 

This past December our board decided it was time to launch a building campaign for a new facility among our village community as or space was slowly becoming too small. But through that conversation, and the beginning of writing down what we wanted in a facility, we got a phone call from our directors in Guadalajara. 

L-R: Current base, New base

They had been walking around the villages, in search for land to host kids day when they stumbled across this brand new facility with a professional size soccer field, basketball court and park. 

They began searching to find out who owned the facility and after many conversations, they found out that Mama Rosa's (the first person we had relationship with among this community) son was in charge of the facility. 

 A few meetings later, paperwork signed, the government has offered US this facility!! 

Paperwork has been written up for a 6 year lease, and an official partnership with the local government has begun.

We were told in the meetings that through their investigation of Marked, our reputation has proceeded us, and they have not been more excited to partner with an organization. 

They have told us that this is just the beginning and that the door is officially open to us and all that we are doing. 

This facility has a full industrial kitchen, classrooms, offices, bathrooms, clinic rooms and more. 


We cant wait to share with you all the more that is to come.