How fun it has been to see the kids faces light up with delight. This year, being in our community center we opted to have the community get involved with the entire process from decorating and getting the rooms ready, to volunteering for the day of events.


We had different local organizations join in on the fun, donating Christmas trees to fill our rooms, decorations, crafts and more.

Our team has been hard at work for weeks leading up to the events, anticipating all that is to come, seeing the smiling faces, hearing the laughter filling the rooms.

The simple sounds of Christmas.


For many this will be their first Christmas experience, first Christmas tree & first time hearing the Christmas story. But for most, this is one of the incentives of being in school. For us, we choose to partner with the local schools, for every child enrolled in school they are invited to participate in events like these.


Christmas for them is another time to celebrate. But for us, not only is it a time to celebrate but it is also another way we encourage education and sustainability through out the year.


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