We believe in we love. We believe in honor. We believe in serving. We are intentional about creating a climate in which people feel connected, loved, and welcomed. Life was never meant to be lived alone. Facilitating and encouraging one another to genuinely invest in the long-term success of those around them is what brings transformation. 

We believe that love is meant to be demonstrated both internally and externally. That it has the ability to transcend race, color, age and ethnicity. With that in mind, we believe in living an "outward focused" life bringing HOPE to everyone we encounter.

Although the majority of our staff on the ground revive a monthly salary our senior leadership team below live totally or in part by faith and through your support.

100% of your gift will be given to the individuals listed below to help and support their families as they partner with us in the day to day on the ground, to love these the "least of these". Thank you for your generosity towards out staff and volunteers.

Partner with Carlos and Karlisa
Partner with Russ and Kim
Partner with Micheal and Jaclyn